Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

he ... another part of my life

I have a messaging buddy.
he is "si ACAR", that's what my friend, Sandika calls him.

he's a part of my live too.
he used to text me to say "hello", to greet me all time, to cheer me up.
he used to make me better when I fought with my boyfriend.
he used to say that he like me.
and at that time I ignored him.

you know why ?
i'm feeling guilty

I ignored him because I dont want my boyfriend mad at me.
I kept away and fade from his sight.
And when he said that he miss me, I run away.

and then I broke up with my bf.
He tried to cheer me, whe my bf didn't.
He told me words that could make me smile.

But, silly me.
I decided to hate him.
i don't why I hate him.
I just want my ex-bf to know that after breaking-up i'm still love him, not HIM.

God, forgive me,
I have lied myself.
Deep inside I feel guilty.
Deep inside I want "he" know that I want to apologize, I have made him hurt.



You know ?
Now, when I meet him, he keeps away.
He stares at me with cruel eyesight.
God! I know Im false, so sorry !
Please don't treat me like that :-(

Ps: if you read this, may you forgive me?

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