Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

Sunday Morning ft. My Lil' Brother :)

halo bloggers !


HEY but i'm moaning now -____- i have nothing to do, well! IT'S HOLIDAY !

owkay, I start my Sunday wif watching tv. With no cellphone credits, i'm NOTHING ! hahaha. I start to watching I-don't-know-what on tv wif some snack :9

Then, I'm moaning again. I have nothing to do. OH! I MISS MY FRIEND SO MUCH! :( wanna meet them.

I go to the front of my house and taking some picture of myself, hahaha. it's a "nggeje" time.

Then my brother comes! yeehaaa! and you know what? WE are taking our picture together :) <3>

here we go, the photos we take:D ! (not all hehe)


me (wake up face *.*) .jpg

hello this is my brother .jpg

he's cute >< .jpg

kiss hug :* .jpg

the blur one -__-. jpg

My brother's shy :D .jpg

he's naughty ! .jpg

and the last one, it's me smiling ! :D .jpg

hehehe nice SUNDAY MORNING ! :D


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  1. wapik tys . pngen ngurus blog , tpi lali password

  2. iki sopo ndek nduwur iki ? -3-