Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

moon ?

2010, 27th June

:") very nice and very pathetic
My feeling's successfully crashed
It's eclipse tonight and no one knows what will happen later
Yes, no one knows

I've tried to make myself sure of him
I've believed him as much as i believe myself
So pure, and no one can change that
after this night, everything's changed

I received his message and read it slowly
I tried to make myself understand although his words are hard to understand
and after a while, I understand :)

it's hurt, when someone doesn't choose you
believe me, it's hurt
It's so funny when a night changes everything
you, know everything ... it's such a nonsense, but it's true :(

Then, I'll tell the truth ...

this night, i can't sleep (because I don't want to close my eyes)
this night, i can't breathe (actually it's because i have a fever)
this night, i cry (so sad, but it's true)


you know what, he calls me "moon"
he'd like me to accompany him tonight and spend this fucking cold night together with me
It's such a romantic scene haha!

he actually broke her relation with his ex two days ago, but his ex doesn't want him to go and get ... something like "sick"
oh, poor her, and then poor me, haha!

he said that he must care of her, and if the "problems" had gone, he will back
NONSENSE ? rite.
such a jerk, oh no, suck :D haha!

then, this night he said that he saw a moon
a beautiful moon in the dark sky
it's a new moon, big and bright :)

he said that he love moon, and it smiled at him once he saw it
so childish but i let him felt it
it's up to him to do something or even to think something
it's up to him and i don't really care haha!

and when he said, "I'll run to chase the moon, you're the moon. I want to tell something, actually if she don't get sick like that, i choose you. i'm so sorry" I cried.

But, wisely I said, "the moon won't go anywhere, she won't move on, you shouldn't chase her, just face the fate you have" and then I cried, again. *sigh

:) the moon and the sky
27th June 2010
very nice night (actually morning) wif beautiful scene of us


:) dear #someone yang saya maksud disini, terimakasih dan jangan kembali, bulan sudah pergi dan matahari datang, bahkan malam ini pun bulan tak nampak lagi kan. kasihan kamu, benar-benar kasihan. juga kasihan bulan. ya ... #bulan.

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