Senin, 20 Desember 2010

The Hardest Part of Living

Read this patiently ...

Allison Moorer

Children say that words will never harm you
Only sticks and stones will make you cry
But they'll grow up one day and
learn the real truth
the one they love says goodbye
I don't trust old sayings any longer
Most are
only decorated lies
Absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder
out of sight don't mean out of mind
The hardest part of living is loving
loving turns to leaving every time
And the hardest part of leaving is living

Life is hard when love is so unkind

Yes, KIDS don't know how it feels when some words broke someone heart deeply. KIDS don't understand when someone they love said that unanswerable word, Goodbye. I've ever being kids and hatefully i love it. I love being innocent. But now *sigh* i'm growing older. I miss the time when i'm a KID.

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