Kamis, 31 Maret 2011


Hai, sedikit pembukaan, selamat tinggal Maret. :)

Ini teddy bear (yang menurutku) raksasa, hahaa. Namanya Blue. Tahu kan kenapa? Ya, dia biru. Biru adalah salah satu warna cerah favoritku. Ya, aku suka biru dan Blue. :)

Blue ini kudapat dari hasil tabunganku bulan Maret, haha, sedikit punya obsesi mengoleksi teddies. Blue sekarang memenuhi kasurku, bersama para teddies dan boneka lainnya. am i over? am i freak? haha don't care.

this is ... Just another photostory of Blue and me :)


Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Fix You

Secondhand Serenade - Fix You.mp3

@secondhandjohn - Fix You

When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home,
And ignite your bones,
And I will try to fix you,

High up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down your face
And I

Tears stream down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face
And I

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you


Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Blackberry Swarm Badge!

*telat post jeng jeeeng*

Hello Bloggers! :D

Indonesia punya foursquare badge sendiri lho! Ini hadiah dari Blackberry untuk para Jumper Indonesia! Asik kaaan! Tuh gambarnya di atas. Lucu ya, merah putih gitu, ahaseeek!

Quote: "Ini badge pertama yang bisa diunlock di indonesia bahkaan di asia dalam acara live rockin' pada tanggal 19 maret 2011 di Kemayoran. Di konser tersebut di sponsori oleh RIM dan mereka juga bekerja sama dengan 4sq sehingga badge Blackberry Swarm Indonesia bisa terunlock. Dengan cara unlocknya follow blackberry dan checkin bersama 2.000 orang. Badge ini hanya unlock pada tanggal 19 maret 2011 sampai jam 23.59 WIB. Thanks to www.foursquare.com/blackberry" - Agan, di Kaskus.

Proud to be Indonesian Jumper! Happy 4sq-ing! :D



Hello Guys, It's #100factsaboutme which is trending on twitter now. Everybody tells about her/his facts, and so do I. But not in twitter, I show them here, at my precious, private place for spread my facts. I think it's a little bit overrated that I told all of my facts, but it's okay nah. I think it'll be a hate-list instead of facts about me. Haha keep reading guys.



#2 I'm a girl, not a girlish one.

#3 I'm sickteen and will be seventeenth this May. I hate it.

#4 I was born in Bandung and spend my childhood in Malang.

#5 I'm an autophobian.

#6 I love my family, my friends and my boyfriend.

#7 I love teddies, no matter how small it is.

#8 I hate spiders, bugs and other tiny disgusting creatures.

#9 I love chocolate and cheese, especially when it spread on cake's top.

#10 I love acoustic, my acceleration class at high school.

#11 I love rain but totally hate thunder.

#12 I hatefully hate smokers.

#13 I enjoy play guitar and have a dream about playing violin or harpa.

#14 I love babies, girls are special.

#15 I sometimes, have broken family, and I DON'T LIKE IT.

#16 I get jealous easily.

#17 I can't angry.

#18 I love orange and white.

#19 My things are pink, it because Mom bought them for me.

#20 I still have Grandma at Bandung and I love visiting her on holidays.

#21 I love new things, especially when i am the one who discover it.

#22 I love seas but I hate swimming, I have drowned when my age was eight.

#23 I love cat sometimes, when it doesn't scratch me.

#24 I love monkeys. I said monkeys, not gorillas.

#25 I hate being ignored, especially with people I care the most.

#26 I love when my boyfriend come to my home, although he just says hi to me. So sweet <3

#27 I love math and numbers, even if they make me crazy sometimes.

#28 I have fight with my brothers billions times a day, Haha overrated.

#29 I love fantasy novel, film, game or anything.

#30 I'm not clever, but not stupid too. I'm average. But always try to be over than it.

#31 I always in second position in everythings, I totally hate it.

#32 I cry easily, like a child. Maybe I'm a little bit childish.

#33 I'm egoish, especially when I want something.

#34 I hate people who talk about me behind my back and pretend being my friends in front of me.

#35 I hate cheating when examination, I avoid it.

#36 I hate giving my answers to my friends when all they can do is just asking, not trying.

#37 I hate people who always feeling lack, but they have more things than I do.

#38 I love dancing, both traditional or modern.

#39 I want to go to Himalaya's peak and put an Indonesian flag there, haha just a dream.

#40 I can run fast, but I can't run for long time.

#41 I hate eating when i'm not hungry. I hate eating rice actually.

#42 I love wearing t-shirt and jeans, but nowadays I wear some dresses. Could you believe?

#43 I hate blood and murderer.

#44 I don't lie and tragically hate liars.

#45 I hate when people say they know what i feel. Nobody knows it.

#46 I love my boyfriend, especially when he plays his guitar. aw <3

#47 I hate gossiping girls and when they're around, my ears are burnt!

#48 I hate horror movies. TOTALLY HATE.


#50 I love coke and pop corn.

#51 I don't eat seafood actually somebody forces me.

#52 I always do homeworks, except when I forget, and truly i easily forget something.

#53 My short-term memory is awfull, my long-term memory is outstanding, that's why I can't forget people.

#54 I'm good at hiding my feelings.

#55 I hate teachers who yell everytime, even if I don't make any mistake.

#56 I love my room, no matter how messy it is.

#57 I love pizzas, spaghetties and martabaks.

#58 I have one phone and it's Minny, my black Curve 8520.

#59 I have one motorcycle, it's called si merah.

#60 I write diary sometimes, when i want to tell a story but i'[m just too lazy to open my blog.

#61 I love twittering, tumblring and blogging.

#62 I want to be a doctor or web designer someday.

#63 I want to go to Mekkah with my parents and my family someday.

#64 I love sad songs, even if i'm happy.

#65 I love skateboard, but I can't skate well. I love being fell from skating.

#66 I love number five.

#67 I want to have a little sister, whose name Aurel <3

#68 I hate soccer or time when soccer is more important than me for my bf.

#69 I love download movies and watching them in english subtitle.

#70 I'm small, not tall, have brown skin, and black hair.

#71 I'm to lazy to shower when it's holiday.

#72 I hate goodbyes.

#73 I love yogurt with strawberry and leccy on it.

#74 I'm a jumper and crazily fall in love with 4sq and all its badges. I'm obsessed with badges hunting.

#75 I love "pathetic" word, not to be pathetic.

#76 I hate waiting, waiting his reply text specially.

#77 I hate making plan when it finally cancelled.

#78 I'm stubborn. When I want something, I must get it, most with my own try.

#79 I love prince-princess story.

#80 I played drama, and that's why i'm not worried to pretend anyway.

#81 I watch Gossip Girl, and kinda obsessed with Dan Humphrey <3

#82 I love Harry Potter 'cause there's Rupert Grint, I love Narnia 'cause there's Skandar Keynes.

#83 I call my boyfriend sweeatheart.

#84 I love ice creams and everything with milk.

#85 I love quote some words from movies or songs to make some poems.

#86 I love indie bands, but hate some of them. No luck.

#87 I don't like shopping, I'd rather shop some food than clothes or accessories. I've said, I'm not girlish.

#88 I like drawing anything, view, person, doodles etc.

#89 I love dreaming. I love day-dreaming much.

#90 I want to have two childern at my future. Aurel and Ravel. How nice.

#91 I'm speechless when face someone who's talkactive. I choose keep silent or they will make me mad.

#92 I love Melon and Watermelon for sure, they're fresh.

#93 I love any kind of music, my fave band Secondhand Serenade, Mocca, Owl City, The Maine, Nevershoutnever, Jikustik, and others, my fave singer Ashley Tisdale, Dewi Lestari, and many more.

#94 I love snow and dream about making castle from snow which has polar bears inside it.

#95 I'm rare. I'm special. I'm not normal. I'm different from your first impression.

#96 I hate being first child when I actually the second.

#97 I love sneakers, hate high heels.

#98 I'm tired of writing all of my unimportant facts.

#99 I love smiling and I love being myself.

#100 I love you, who read this facts. Haha Thank you <3

Senin, 14 Maret 2011

SXSW 2011 ft. Foursquare

Helloh Bloggers! Numpang posting tentang SXSW tahun ini nih! :)

Apa itu SXSW?

South by Southwest (SXSW) adalah satu set film, interaktif, musik festival dan konferensi yang berlangsung setiap musim semi (biasanya Maret) di Austin, Texas, Amerika Serikat. SXSW pertama kali dimulai pada tahun 1987 dan berpusat di pusat kota Austin Convention Center.

Berbagai macam konfrensi diadakan. Tak lupa juga banyak artis-artis kelas dunia yang menjadi bintang tamu di Konser SXSW ini.

Foursquare dan SXSW

Tahun ini, sekali lagi foursquare (situs jejaring sosial berbasis location tagging) bekerja sama dengan SXSW, dengan beberapa sponsor, seperti SPINmagz, Blackberry, Pepsi MAX, AMEX dan lain-lain. Banyak Badges (Lencana) yang bisa kita dapatkanm dengan cara check-in (istilah masuk ke suatu tempat di foursquare) ke tempat-tempat atau venues yang terdapat pada daftar SXSW. Seru kan? Bisa dapet beberapa badges, main foursquare ada tantangannya! :)

Berikut ini beberapa badges keluaran foursquare dan sponsor untuk SXSW kali ini:

4sq Early Adopter

4sq Sophomore

4sq Virgin


Panel Nerd

Foursquare with Foursquare

Disco Nap

SXSW Bender

Ten Gallon Swarms

SXSW Hangover

Name Dropper

SXSW Bar Crawl

SXSW Far Far Away

Golden Ticket

Director's Cut

Head Banger

Karaoke RV

Room Service

Blackberry SXSW 2011

Firefox Gone Mobile

SPIN insider

http://kaskus.us dan search for "share foursquare badges"

4sq saya : user/hellotys feel free to follow or ask some venues for badges! :)

notes : i'm a little more disappointed, first, i got Golden Ticket badge and can't go to Austin for my free ticket concert! Second, I can't even earn the ten gallon swarms badge, anyone can help? I need 2499 people!! :(



Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Ujian Sekolah

Ya, kehidupanku sebulan ke depan bakalan penuh sama yang namanya ujian, ujian dan ujian. Sudah bukan waktunya bersenang-senang. Sudah waktunya serius. Ya, aku kelas tiga SMA. Berat rasanya melepas masa SMA, apalagi jika kau hanya punya 2 tahun kurang untuk menikmatinya. Berat sekali.

Diapakan lagi? Yasuah jalani saja. Terus Lihat ke depan. Dan, ya, di depanku ada banyak ujian yang harus diselesaikan. Beberapa pekan yang lalu, alhamdulillah ujia praktek telah selesai kulalui dan tak ada yang mengecewakan. Besok, tepatnya hari Jumat, 11 Maret 2011, ujiian sekolah dimulai, hmm... Bismillah untuk semuanya.

Berbagai macam pelajaran diujikan, dan masing-masing pelajaran memiliki bahan uji yang berbeda. Ada pelajaran yang hanya mengujikan semester terakhir, ada juga pelajaran yang mengujikan materi mulai semester awal. Akan ada 13 pelajaran yang diujikan untuk ujian sekolah tahun ini. Banyak ya. Hanya berdoa, berlajar dan berharap ingatan jangka panjangku berfungsi baik. Ya, Bismillah.

note for @acoustic_tetsa : Untuk semuanya, mohon maaf jika ada salah baik di sengaja maupun tidak. Maaf untuk sok kali ini, tapi sungguh, bekerjalah sendiri kali ini, teman-teman. Maaf hanya bisa diam mengawasi kalian berbuat ketidakbenaran, doaku untuk mereka yang bekerja sendiri.:)

SPOILER !!! Keadaan kamar. Pengumpulan kertas materi ujian sekolah.

... tys ...

Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

Thankyou Followers! :D



I made my account few months ago. I follow some tumblrs and reblog and reblog and reblog. I was bored of reblogging posts. All I want is my own posts! YEAH! AND I CREATED THEM!

First, I copied some pics and added quotes on it, made some saying images. Second, I took my own pics and made them better with photo's editor, hmm great. Third, greatest thing I did! I made some doodles, gifs, animations, aw! I'm obsessed! CRAP I CAN'T STOP!

Ups ~ and then and then! I got some followers! My tumblr's followers. Hwaa it made me the happiest person ever! Haha overrated! xD

I'm SOOO happeey! When I look this ...


Haha I think I'm a little bit OVERRATED!
Haha ... not a little but much!

thanks FOLLOWERS! GREATBIGHUG from meeeh! :D


Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Art! :D

Hehe ini cuman postingan nggak penting tentang kerjaan orang iseng yang nggak ndengerin guru malah bikin doodles nggak penting. Ini dia hobby terselubung saya, bikin doodles, entah tentang perasaan sendiri sampe lirik lagu pun jadi. Haha. Doodle di atas itu adalah salah satu doodle yang saya buat saat mendengarkan guru biologi saya menerangkan, hmm... jujur saya sedang suntuk waktu itu. Karena entah apa lalu terbesit di pikiran saya tentang burung hantu, dan lalu ingat owl city, lalu jadilah doodle nggak mutu saya di atas. Haha, ayo coba baca! :D


Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Bismillah daftar!

Jumat, 4 Maret 2011.

Setelah sekian lama menunggu nomor pendaftaran dan password. Setelah sekian lama dimarahi Bapak tiap hari karena sekolah tak kunjung mendaftarkan saya. Hari ini saya daftar snmptn undangan.

Tak ingin posting panjang-panjang, saya hanya ingin bilang, saya dilema. Dilema akan universitas adalah satu-satunya alasan galau saya akhir-akhir ini. Sangat membingungkan. Bagaimana kalau salah ambil jurusan? Bagaimana kalau nantinya nggak cocok?

Maka hari ini, saya memutuskan untuk serius, niat, dan yakin. Saya memilih ub dan itb dalam pilihan jalur undangan saya. Bismillah, saya mendaftarkan diri saya.

Setelah mengisi form, mengunggah foto, mengunggah bukti prestasi dan menentukan jurusan, saya akhirnya memperoleh kartu peserta snmptn jalur undangan, hmm... deg-degan juga.

Semoga pilihan saya di kartu peserta ini nggak salah. Semoga saya keterima di salah satu pilihan saya ini. Amin ya Allah! :D