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Hello Guys, It's #100factsaboutme which is trending on twitter now. Everybody tells about her/his facts, and so do I. But not in twitter, I show them here, at my precious, private place for spread my facts. I think it's a little bit overrated that I told all of my facts, but it's okay nah. I think it'll be a hate-list instead of facts about me. Haha keep reading guys.



#2 I'm a girl, not a girlish one.

#3 I'm sickteen and will be seventeenth this May. I hate it.

#4 I was born in Bandung and spend my childhood in Malang.

#5 I'm an autophobian.

#6 I love my family, my friends and my boyfriend.

#7 I love teddies, no matter how small it is.

#8 I hate spiders, bugs and other tiny disgusting creatures.

#9 I love chocolate and cheese, especially when it spread on cake's top.

#10 I love acoustic, my acceleration class at high school.

#11 I love rain but totally hate thunder.

#12 I hatefully hate smokers.

#13 I enjoy play guitar and have a dream about playing violin or harpa.

#14 I love babies, girls are special.

#15 I sometimes, have broken family, and I DON'T LIKE IT.

#16 I get jealous easily.

#17 I can't angry.

#18 I love orange and white.

#19 My things are pink, it because Mom bought them for me.

#20 I still have Grandma at Bandung and I love visiting her on holidays.

#21 I love new things, especially when i am the one who discover it.

#22 I love seas but I hate swimming, I have drowned when my age was eight.

#23 I love cat sometimes, when it doesn't scratch me.

#24 I love monkeys. I said monkeys, not gorillas.

#25 I hate being ignored, especially with people I care the most.

#26 I love when my boyfriend come to my home, although he just says hi to me. So sweet <3

#27 I love math and numbers, even if they make me crazy sometimes.

#28 I have fight with my brothers billions times a day, Haha overrated.

#29 I love fantasy novel, film, game or anything.

#30 I'm not clever, but not stupid too. I'm average. But always try to be over than it.

#31 I always in second position in everythings, I totally hate it.

#32 I cry easily, like a child. Maybe I'm a little bit childish.

#33 I'm egoish, especially when I want something.

#34 I hate people who talk about me behind my back and pretend being my friends in front of me.

#35 I hate cheating when examination, I avoid it.

#36 I hate giving my answers to my friends when all they can do is just asking, not trying.

#37 I hate people who always feeling lack, but they have more things than I do.

#38 I love dancing, both traditional or modern.

#39 I want to go to Himalaya's peak and put an Indonesian flag there, haha just a dream.

#40 I can run fast, but I can't run for long time.

#41 I hate eating when i'm not hungry. I hate eating rice actually.

#42 I love wearing t-shirt and jeans, but nowadays I wear some dresses. Could you believe?

#43 I hate blood and murderer.

#44 I don't lie and tragically hate liars.

#45 I hate when people say they know what i feel. Nobody knows it.

#46 I love my boyfriend, especially when he plays his guitar. aw <3

#47 I hate gossiping girls and when they're around, my ears are burnt!

#48 I hate horror movies. TOTALLY HATE.


#50 I love coke and pop corn.

#51 I don't eat seafood actually somebody forces me.

#52 I always do homeworks, except when I forget, and truly i easily forget something.

#53 My short-term memory is awfull, my long-term memory is outstanding, that's why I can't forget people.

#54 I'm good at hiding my feelings.

#55 I hate teachers who yell everytime, even if I don't make any mistake.

#56 I love my room, no matter how messy it is.

#57 I love pizzas, spaghetties and martabaks.

#58 I have one phone and it's Minny, my black Curve 8520.

#59 I have one motorcycle, it's called si merah.

#60 I write diary sometimes, when i want to tell a story but i'[m just too lazy to open my blog.

#61 I love twittering, tumblring and blogging.

#62 I want to be a doctor or web designer someday.

#63 I want to go to Mekkah with my parents and my family someday.

#64 I love sad songs, even if i'm happy.

#65 I love skateboard, but I can't skate well. I love being fell from skating.

#66 I love number five.

#67 I want to have a little sister, whose name Aurel <3

#68 I hate soccer or time when soccer is more important than me for my bf.

#69 I love download movies and watching them in english subtitle.

#70 I'm small, not tall, have brown skin, and black hair.

#71 I'm to lazy to shower when it's holiday.

#72 I hate goodbyes.

#73 I love yogurt with strawberry and leccy on it.

#74 I'm a jumper and crazily fall in love with 4sq and all its badges. I'm obsessed with badges hunting.

#75 I love "pathetic" word, not to be pathetic.

#76 I hate waiting, waiting his reply text specially.

#77 I hate making plan when it finally cancelled.

#78 I'm stubborn. When I want something, I must get it, most with my own try.

#79 I love prince-princess story.

#80 I played drama, and that's why i'm not worried to pretend anyway.

#81 I watch Gossip Girl, and kinda obsessed with Dan Humphrey <3

#82 I love Harry Potter 'cause there's Rupert Grint, I love Narnia 'cause there's Skandar Keynes.

#83 I call my boyfriend sweeatheart.

#84 I love ice creams and everything with milk.

#85 I love quote some words from movies or songs to make some poems.

#86 I love indie bands, but hate some of them. No luck.

#87 I don't like shopping, I'd rather shop some food than clothes or accessories. I've said, I'm not girlish.

#88 I like drawing anything, view, person, doodles etc.

#89 I love dreaming. I love day-dreaming much.

#90 I want to have two childern at my future. Aurel and Ravel. How nice.

#91 I'm speechless when face someone who's talkactive. I choose keep silent or they will make me mad.

#92 I love Melon and Watermelon for sure, they're fresh.

#93 I love any kind of music, my fave band Secondhand Serenade, Mocca, Owl City, The Maine, Nevershoutnever, Jikustik, and others, my fave singer Ashley Tisdale, Dewi Lestari, and many more.

#94 I love snow and dream about making castle from snow which has polar bears inside it.

#95 I'm rare. I'm special. I'm not normal. I'm different from your first impression.

#96 I hate being first child when I actually the second.

#97 I love sneakers, hate high heels.

#98 I'm tired of writing all of my unimportant facts.

#99 I love smiling and I love being myself.

#100 I love you, who read this facts. Haha Thank you <3

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