Selasa, 12 April 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Haha, sounds funny aaand outstanding! :p

As the winner of this award, there are 4 procedures i've to do;

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded me this award
Thank you Dina for this award! :D

2. Share 8 things about myself
- a thin girl, not tall, hmm in average height :p
- simple and little childish, even egoish
- i love teddies, especially a giant one!
- i love cameras, even more if someone pictures me up! :p
- i'm in obsession of cats, owls, and polar bear (?)
- an autophobian and hate lies
- music's best-friend
- love eating dessert

3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that i have recently discovered
Owkay I'll choose! :D
- Fika
- Dina
- Didin
- Mbak Risa
- Tari
- Diovin

4. Contact those blogger and tell them about their awards
I'll do! :)

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