Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Happy 17th TYS

Helloooooh bloggers! I'm back :D

Look at the picture above! It's a birthday greet from John V, Secondhand Serenade. Guess what is that fpr? Well. TODAY,5th May 2011, I'm finally 17th! Happy :D

Thankyou for everyone who texts me, sends me birthday greets, tweets, facebook walls, and buys me gift! Thankyouuu :D

Especially thankyou for my bestfriend, Afifah. She gave me a love pillow, uuuh nice! thankyou thankyou :D

Hope everything better than before. Hope I'm no longer selfish, stubborn, haha. Hope I can be accepted in my favorite college this year. Hope I can meet with another 5th May next year, aaand hope I find someone better in my new life :)

Yeah, I'm older, I'm smarter, I'm stronger than before! I'm ready enough for my seventeenth, and farewell goodbye sickteen, I'll miss you. :D

Thanks Thanks Thanks ;)

... TYASHA ...

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