Jumat, 29 Juli 2011


Helloh bloggers.

In this post, all I want is congratulating! You know, few days ago there was a small vote contest in our beloved microblogging called twitter. Yeah, it was just a small and very unofficial way to get something awesome. Thanks to @croozmalang and @streetrock_mlg, you rock guys! They'll do something awesome in my ex-high school. It called "Ramadhan Goes to School" event. Although it's just a small event, there'll be a lot of fun there. There'll be few local indie bands and many entertaining things too.

And also, big thankyou for those who vote for our Stetsa! I voted some too off course. Yeah guys, it's the first our school get something like this, may I call it "miracle from social network that becomes reality sooner?" Yeaah, I'm so grateful. There'll be a lot of joys in my ex-School's Ramadhan period. Goodluck OSIS! Get permission for this event, please! This is what we, social network addict, can give. Hiihee. :)


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