Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

Healthy Lizard Badge!

Hello bloggeeers! I'm too overjoyed today!

I checked my email and found out some new mails this morning. What makes me happy is a mail from HealthMonth. Whoa, I was so excited. Do you know? As I always tell about 4sq, there's something exciting about playing it. We can earn badge, yes, something like trophy, I think. Hueheee.

In 4sq, there's two kind of badges; 4sq's real badges and partner badges. Partner badges are some badges we can earn by follow some brands then check-ins to few place they recommended or play in some site. One of them is Health Month Badges! Yes, these badge aren't easy to earn. That's why I'm so excited now.

There's 4 Health Month badges you can earn. Healthy Lizard Badge, Healthy Crane Badge, Healthy Fox Badge and Healthy Polar Bear Badge. The easiest badge to earn is Healthy Lizard Badge. Although I call it easy, but it's not easy as it seems. Yeah, I decided to play HealthMonth three months ago and earn this badge now, such a long long long time.

This is what my Health Lizard Badge. How happy I am! :'D

If you want to earn this badge too, I'll tell you how to. First, you must have a HealthMonth account. Sign up here. Then, you must choose few rules. Rules are what we'll obey for a whole month. Yeah, it's not difficult to choose rules. If you want to unlock this badge, you just need 3 rules to play. I recommend "Cook Dinner", "Eat Raw Fruits" and "Drink Water". They'll be easy to answer. Then you must log in your account everyday, oh maybe once a week, it's also okay. Last, you just need to click some buttons to round the wheel and to answer the daily question. All you need after that is visit your game wall. You must check whether you lose a life point or not. If you end up a month more than 10 life points, you'll earn this badge! Wihiiii! Easy? No. ;)

Don't forget to connect your HealthMonth account to your 4sq account. If you forget, this won't work at all. Okay, happy 4sq-ing! ;)


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