Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

Happy Birthday TYS!

Helloh Bloggers!

Today was luckily my birthday and I'm being 18 years old now. Could it be better? Yay! My boyfriend gave me another surprise this morning and I was sooo happy then.

He came to my home so early, brought this... a birthday cake! (PS. Last night, I was joking, I said to him, "I wanna blow birthday candles".)

It's me, bringing his cake, awww look at me, I haven't took a bath yet. Just like an untouched old things.

I blew my candles off while making wishes ...

I sliced the cake into pieces, I thought of some jutsu to do it. Ciaaattt!

 My first piece of cake, for my mother ... 

Look at this cake, so delicious. I ate it with him, my man, my really lovable man. I love him as much as the wheat grains in this cake. Smooch! Hug! ({:*})

Thanks for making me this happy, for saying happy birthday, for bringing this cake, for smiling and joking around, for all of your joys. :)

I wish in this new age, InsyaAllah I can be a better TYASHA, do what I must do and not do what I mustn't. Thanks for you all, who accompanied me in my 18-years-life. THANKSSSSS! :*


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