Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

New Friend

Helloh bloggers!

It's summer already? Hahaaa yes, there are no summer here. Gladly it's not too hot around here. Recently, I love to bake some cakes and make some tasty things. I found new hobby since two months ago. But I was really busy to make it real. Now! I'm soooo happy to know that holidays are coming! And there's another thing which makes me so happy these days. Tadaaa!

Mom bought me this new oven! Wheeew, and it's not cheap at all. Thank you so much, Mom! I don't know how to make those complicated dish, but I know how to make simple cake. For now, I just love to bake, maybe sometime I shall learn to make dish. I neither a chef nor a pastry maker. I just a girl with lots of silly thought who try to make her day yummy. :))

From now on, I'll try.

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