Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Short Hair

Helloh bloggers!

Goooood Morning! It's a week before this term examination. I'm free for a week. Trying to get calm, that's why they say it "Minggu Tenang". Frankly I don't study this week and I don't want to study too. Students study a day before exam, right? Hahaha. That's not the point that I want to tell in my post. Owkay, here's it. My new haircut!

I woke up this morning with my mom yelling at me. She asked me to shorten my hair, because it's too long for her. Blah, I don't have problem with it. But since I wear veils now, it's better to have short hair, make less hot than long hair. Okay, in this post I try to use my English, that's tooooo bad. Sorry if there's some grammar I lost, btw I don't give a damn about that. 

Pffft, I'm starting to make nonsense, hey guys, I just want to show my new haircut here. There's it, tadaaaaa ...


What do you think? It's childish enough. Everybody will think I'm 14 years old now. Ouh. :|

Hehe, enough for my sp*m post, I rarely post something like this. Just enjoy being random. Happy holidays all!


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  1. u look sexy with the new hairstyle, hehe *bukan gombal*

    Happy new year anw.. CHeers